Doing this during your pregnancy can help protect both you AND your baby

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(BPT) – Many pregnant people are focused on protecting the health of themselves and their babies by seeking out trusted healthcare providers and activating support networks of friends and family. One important protection pregnant people can consider for themselves and their little ones is getting recommended vaccinations. Getting recommended vaccinations during pregnancy can be an…

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Finding Your Strength While Living with Thyroid Eye Disease (TED)

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(BPT) – LaQuilla Harris, a devoted mother, grandmother and retired property manager, led a healthy and active lifestyle for many years before her world gradually began to turn upside down. Over the course of a decade, LaQuilla began to struggle with weight loss, insomnia, and debilitating anxiety and irritability. She was also experiencing dry, bulging…

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Screening resources for type 1 diabetes

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(BPT) – Sponsored by Sanofi Grace Cochran — who is a registered nurse (RN) in an Intensive Care Unit — and Raquel Baron — who is the CEO of a company that provides resources for children living with type 1 diabetes and their parents — both have type 1 diabetes and were diagnosed at young…

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