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An oral health holiday carol

tooth cartoon

(BPT) – Adulting is hard — and keeping track of everything that needs to happen and paying for it in the middle of a pandemic is especially challenging. If you’ve been a Scrooge about taking care of your teeth, the ghosts of the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) — the 7,334-member-strong organization that represents root…

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You are not alone: Now is the time to talk about Alzheimer’s together

woman and man

(BPT) – Throughout his career, Rod Stephenson, 73, of Savannah, Georgia, wore many hats. He worked in television broadcasting, the retail pizza industry, in manufacturing and quality assurance — and most recently, he was ordained as a pastor. But after Stephenson decided to retire from his eventful and successful career, his wife Deb started to…

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