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LeVar Burton Sits Down with Young Caregiver and His Mother to Learn How they are Managing a Rare Blood Cancer

LeVar Burton

(BPT) – Caregivers play a critical role in the physical and mental well-being of countless patients affected by rare diseases, including myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs), a group of rare, chronic and progressive blood cancers.1 Building upon the necessary trust and accountability, caregivers develop strong, personal bonds with those they care for. When a family member or…

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With Back to School Comes Back to Sleep

girl looking at phone

(BPT) – The start of the new school year is the perfect time to renew habits that keep students happy and healthy — including sleep. Unfortunately, many children and teens don’t get the amount of sleep they need to thrive at school. One culprit robbing many of their much-needed sleep is right on their phones…

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5 steps to reduce your risk of falling

seniors exercising

(BPT) – When you’re active and young at heart, it’s easy to forget that you may be losing some strength, flexibility and balance as you age. Because these changes happen gradually, you may be unaware of the added risks of falling. That risk can sneak up on you as you’re busy enjoying life. But the…

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