Are you getting enough protein in your diet?


(BPT) – You may have noticed protein bars and shakes popping up at grocery stores or gyms. Coverage of the benefits of protein is all the rage. So it might be surprising to learn that almost half of older adults are not consuming enough protein, thus negatively impacting their health, according to a recent study…

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How you sleep affects your health – and could give you wrinkles


(BPT) – As you drift off to sleep, how does your nightly position affect your health? Whether you prefer stomach, back, side or curled into a fetal position, the way you snuggle into the pillow may affect your breathing patterns, neck and back pain, and circulation. A less-serious effect, but one most people would probably…

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6 back-to-school tips every parent of kids with allergies should know


(BPT) – For kids who live with allergies and asthma, back-to-school can spell trouble with symptoms. Late summer/early fall is the height of ragweed season. When you add in exposure to environmental factors found in school classrooms, playing fields and eating areas, you have the perfect recipe to jump start your child’s otherwise-under-control allergy and…

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How one idea – big or small – can help change cancer care


(BPT) – Anyone who has confronted cancer or helped a friend or family member battle the disease knows that the challenges go far beyond diagnosis and treatment. Managing the cancer journey and life after treatment calls on support from family and the surrounding community. It is this community that may have the greatest potential to…

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Get the facts about radiation therapy and cancer

patient on table

(BPT) – If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you probably have a lot of questions. As your doctor assesses the best treatment for your cancer, radiation therapy might be suggested. It’s important to get the facts about radiation therapy so you can feel comfortable with each step of your treatment…

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