Understanding the Complexity of Diagnosing and Living with Schizophrenia

man talking

(BPT) – More than 20 million people worldwide are living with schizophrenia — a chronic, serious and often severely disabling brain disorder.[1],[2] Schizophrenia ranks as one of the top 15 leading causes of disability globally.[3] However, it can be difficult for people to receive an accurate schizophrenia diagnosis, as the condition is frequently stigmatized or…

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Kids and the COVID vaccine: What should a parent know?

person receiving vaccination

(BPT) – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted an Emergency Use Authorization allowing adolescents ages 12-15 to get the COVID vaccine — another giant leap forward in the fight against this coronavirus. Your 12-year-old is eligible for the COVID vaccine! Here’s what a pediatric epidemiologist wants you to know. “We’re elated to be…

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Now’s the time to get in front of fall allergy symptoms

family in woods

(BPT) – One day you can breathe easy and enjoy long walks outdoors and fresh breezes through open windows. The next day you’re hit with headaches, sneezing, an itchy throat, watery eyes and a nose that’s running and congested. Fall allergies can be challenging, but experts agree a proactive approach makes a difference. “Ragweed pollen…

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Know the warning signs of sleep apnea

couple sleeping

(BPT) – Sleep is essential for everyone. It’s what allows the body and the mind to recharge at the end of every day. Without sufficient, healthy sleep, the brain and the body cannot function properly, so it’s important to recognize signs that you might not be getting quality sleep. Nearly 70% of Americans who sleep…

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