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Your DNA could unlock doors to better health


(BPT) – Did you know that all human beings are 99.9% identical in their genetic makeup? The remaining 0.1% of your DNA can tell an important story — like why your hair is curly or straight, whether you love or hate the taste of cilantro, and your genetic ancestry and origins. Most importantly, your DNA…

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How adults can help the children in their lives become more resilient

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(BPT) – While the past two years have been tough on everyone, they’ve been especially hard for children living with challenging family circumstances or in communities hit hardest by health and economic difficulties. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and the Children’s Hospital Association recently declared children’s mental…

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5 tips to help toddlers eat a nutritious diet

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(BPT) – As your baby becomes a toddler, it can be challenging to make sure they’re getting the recommended amounts of nutrients for healthy growth and development — like vitamin D, DHA and iron. Toddlers are notoriously picky, and some use mealtime as an opportunity to assert their independence, which makes meals more challenging. Concerns…

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