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Creating a game plan to manage a tough blood cancer

husband and wife

(BPT) – Sponsored content For anyone who’s heard the devastating news of a serious diagnosis, Rod Gilmore’s reaction may seem familiar. In 2016, the college football analyst and lawyer went in for his annual physical. Other than the fact his distance running had slowed slightly, there were no signs anything was wrong. But about a…

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Prioritize your health in the New Year

people stretching

(BPT) – Now is the time of year when people typically take inventory of their lives and set new goals. Relationships, finances, careers and health are all important aspects that impact overall well-being. For this New Year, consider making your health a top priority. According to the recent America’s Health Rankings Annual Report, the nation’s…

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The heart is too good to lose

checking blood pressure

(BPT) – This article is developed and sponsored by the Amarin Group of Companies. In popular culture, the heart is often seen as a symbol of love and passion. Unfortunately, we sometimes take our hearts for granted. The heart is the amazing centerpiece of the human cardiovascular system.i It’s the first organ to begin functioning…

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