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6 steps to control your blood pressure

6 steps to control your blood pressure (BPT) – A routine doctor’s appointment often involves a health professional checking your blood pressure. The screening is not painful or stressful and typically takes less than a minute to measure. However, the results of this simple test may identify a condition that, when managed, could help reduce…

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Keeping Children Safe from Medicine Poisoning

Children’s health concern: Every minute poison control answers a call about young kids getting into medicine (BPT) – Most parents and grandparents know that keeping medicine out of children’s hands is important. But every minute a poison control center answers a call about a young child getting into medicine, and every 8 minutes a child…

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O’Brien Pharmacy Launches Medicine-On-Time

We recently added a new offering for our pharmaceutical customers, Medicine-On-Time. Medicine-On-Time is a prescription management system that makes life easier for those taking multiple prescriptions. With Medicine-On-Time, multiple prescriptions for a single person are pre-sorted and loaded into individual packages labeled with that person’s name, the prescription information, and the date each package’s contents…

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