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5 tips to help keep kids healthy during cold and flu season

kids raising hands

(BPT) – It’s here again — that time of year when everyone seems to unwittingly pass colds and other illnesses around. As every parent knows, kids can bring germs home from school and share them with the entire family, spreading illness at warp speed. In fact, 60 million school days are missed every year by…

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Your voice can make a difference for Rett syndrome

father and daughter

(BPT) – Imagine having a healthy pregnancy, a normal birth and a beautiful baby girl who is growing wonderfully. However, at some point between 6 to 24 months, you notice that she begins to miss developmental milestones. You visit with your pediatrician, who may counsel patience, as children often develop differently and not always at…

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Lead by example for a healthier heart

taking prescription

(BPT) – Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women,i and the total numbers of deaths from heart disease are rising.ii Cardiovascular risk tends to accumulate over time — the roots of which can often be traced to lifestyle choices made in early adulthood.iii You can help change this trend…

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Boomer Health Starts With Prevention

terry bradshaw

(BPT) – Baby Boomers may be aging, but that doesn’t mean they’re slowing down anytime soon. As a group, these adults continue to lead active lifestyles, pursuing their goals and relishing new experiences. A key to maintaining an active way of life is staying healthy – particularly when it comes to avoiding vaccine preventable diseases…

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Don’t let hidden holiday allergies ruin your good cheer

family dinner

(BPT) – The holidays are a time to gather for food, friends and festivities. While everything may seem merry and bright, if you have asthma or allergies, this is when you need to be cautious. A season full of tradition and good cheer can often come with hidden allergy triggers if you’re not aware and…

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