This baseball player wants you to understand your risk for pneumococcal pneumonia

(BPT) – Professional baseball player J.D. Martinez is prioritizing his lung health this baseball season. He has asthma, an underlying medical condition that puts him at increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia. It’s a potentially serious bacterial lung disease that can disrupt your life for weeks and can even put you in the hospital or be life-threatening. J.D. doesn’t want pneumococcal pneumonia to get in his way of doing what he loves on the field.

Read tips from J.D. on how he’s helping protect his health this baseball season.

Q: You’re prioritizing your lung health, why should others?

J.D.: Because I’m an adult with asthma, I’m at increased risk for certain illnesses like pneumococcal pneumonia.

That’s why I’m partnering with Pfizer to help other adults 19 or older at increased risk understand the importance of getting vaccinated. I don’t want to let pneumococcal pneumonia strike me out.

Q: Are there any other factors that put people at increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia?

J.D.: Yes. Adults aged 19 or older with certain underlying medical conditions like diabetes, chronic heart disease, or chronic lung disease—in addition to asthma—are at increased risk. Same goes for those 65 or older: even if they are healthy, their age puts them at increased risk. It’s important to me that they know there are steps they can take to help protect themselves—like asking their doctor or pharmacist about vaccination.

Q: Even if someone’s had a pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine in the past, should they still ask about pneumococcal pneumonia vaccination?

J.D.: Yes! Even if you’ve been vaccinated against pneumococcal pneumonia before, your doctor or pharmacist may still recommend another vaccination for additional protection. Everyone’s situation is different, so it’s important to talk to a healthcare provider who can give their professional advice.

Q: Do I need to wait for flu season to get vaccinated against PP?

J.D.: Pneumococcal pneumonia can strike any time of year, and vaccination is available all year round. Don’t wait for flu season to strike, stay ahead of the game and ask your doctor or pharmacist about vaccination at any time.

Q: Thanks so much for the information, J.D. Where can people find out more?

J.D.: To learn more about the disease, risks, vaccination, and more, visit

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